RE: redit and iedit

From: Hai Nguyen (
Date: 11/02/95

I seriously dont think its the ^M problem because I noticed that
when I went through a different server, the ^M came up when I used
vi - although it didnt come up when I used my original server.

The files that have been changed by redit works fine - with ome minor
alterations.  This included forcing redit to save the zone number
it found when it was searching to see if the zone exists.  If this 
wasnt done, I have found redit to save all new rooms as zone 0.

Anyways, after that, the files work great.  The main problem is
redit causes one loop to go longer than what it should - there isnt
a consistent condition for the loop to be exited, and that caused
tics not updated errors, and sometimes just plain old segmentation fault.

So the solution I found is to have redit on another account and set up
a builder's port.  The mud wont crash because there wont be enough players
around to make the mud loop for a while (which the code autokills after
a certain period too) and besides, the builders dont get distracted :)

IMO you did a great job, and I hope you can find the time to fix it to
help us imps that dont know how to manipulate files too well.


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