Re: these people

From: waliczek gary jason (
Date: 11/02/95

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Sammy wrote:

> From my experience with big code in foreign languages, it seems to be 
> less confusing if you have no knowledge of C when you start workin on a 
> mud.  

Uh, no.  You see those of us who actually know how to do programing like to
optimise our code - to minimize lag and crashes. For those of us who know
how to program getting something to work is not the only goal...

> Those of you who, like me, don't know the difference between a 
> preparser and a profiler should pity poor Mark, who knows too much about 
> programming for his own good.  I can now see that my ignorance is bliss.  
> Though I've never seen a yacc (except in magazines) and don't know who 
> lex is, I do know how to get my code to compile and work right after no 
> more than 10-15 tries (using my favorite spell-checker and 
> syntax-checker, gcc).

With people like this coding muds, is it any wonder that so many of them 
have crashes as often as they do?

> and keep in mind that some of us think programming manuals are evil.

and a great attitude to go with your mastery of the subject.

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