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From: Hai Nguyen (
Date: 11/03/95

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:

> You recently wrote:
> > From: waliczek gary jason <>
> > There are only a couple flaws with this method:
> > 	1) illusions will leave corpses
> > 	2) you have to go down to -10 HPs to die
> there is a MOB_FLAG NO_CORPSE and it does just that... in the makecorpse
> function, if the MOB is flagged NO_CORPSE, it doesn't leave a corpse.
> :)  This was because I wanted to animate corpse (which sorta works), and
  I was just curious what would happen if that mob had some eq on it and
a player kills it, and since it is flagged NO_CORPSE, then it wouldnt
leave a corpse -- so what happens to the eq?

  I have coded animate dead also, but what I did was used values 2 and 3
(third and fourth values of objects) to save the mob's race and hit dice.
When a cleric animates dead, the zombie gets hp of dice(hit dice, 8)
and then I changed the race to RACE_UNDEAD.  If the zombie is killed,
it still leaves a corpse, but animate dead wont work because the spell
checks if the corpse is of the race undead.  That is provided you have
coded in races.

  I find coding in races add a tremendous amount of variety, not to mention
a whole load of new spells and skills. ie. Charm person and charm monster
can be two separate spells now.  Agg mobs will only attack those of diff
race - this gives players a chance to think of tactics, like ordering 
charmed mobs to enter the room and let them bash it out first before
going into the fray. etc..

  Anyways, my 5 cents worth (no 2cents in Australia anymore)


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