Re: Deleting IMM chars, How?

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/16/95

> 	Hi, I believe it can be a good programming practice to look to
> the code, and also to become familiar with the code, if you try to solve
> the immo deleting problem by yourselve, pondering across the code.
> 	This is also true with your posting for newbie kit problem
> There is no other way to learn the code unless you go though it 
> by yourselve and in case of failure seek for aid, copy/paste really
> does not help to much, not even the OLC and mob-prog patches or any
> code part like LostLands to have a good "Circle" code based MUD.

Eat My Shorts Poser...........
Dont bother answering me again, okay?
Its people like you that make Usenet and Mailinglists such a waste, where 
you try to use your vailable resources, including books, source, AND the 
internet (your peers) to solve a problem, and what do you get?

Little Orphan Annie of the Internet telling you to not bother asking..

Go Home.. your momma is calling...

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