Re: Deleting IMM chars, How?

From: E.I. (
Date: 11/16/95

->You the time it took you to compose that nasty message
->you could have contributed at least a place for them to begin their
->search for the solution to their code problem.  But instead you (who
->was obviously born with this knowledge of C) choose to belittle them
->for having a limited knowledge of their code.  Why dont you give
->somebody a break...surely somewhere somebody has given you one.
->  I aint always right but at least im loud!
	No Sir I do not know it, at least I hoped to be enlighten from your
mail, as for C knowledge I remember a posting for the classadd document,
do you recall it? Well the same thing happen one said :go and look to the
code and learn programming, and the other said the document
had nothing to do with the programming or system knowledge, in any
extend both had right. The moral of this mail is not to blame a person
with non-programming knowledge, neither to flame someone but just to point
to the very importance of becoming familiar with the code. 
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