From: JONES Paul (
Date: 11/16/95

Hiya peoples,

This is my first post, so I am a list-newbie :-).
Anyway, I have been using the iedit and redit from the olc found at the jhu
site and I have come up with a couple of errors.

Firstly, if I am editing an item while there are more than about eight
players on, these players are likely to have their name changed??????? I am
really lost about why this happens.... It may be something I did to my code,
but I would like to check if anyone else has had anything similar happen?

Also, if you edit an item/room that is being used, you can get all sorts of
problems... this is kind of understandable, but a bit annoying.

I dont know if anyone has some sort of a solution, or even if they have come
across these problems, but if you have I would be interested in it.
<My solution is to only edit when there are no players on-line... very
tricky with my mud :-( >


Black Dragon Mud: telnet 4000

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