Re: srcseek

From: Brian Roach (
Date: 11/16/95

At 07:39 PM 11/16/95 -0800, you wrote:

>Two questions: 
>1) why is this an improvement over grep pattern *.[ch]?
>   (does grep not always tell the file on all systems? it does on all
>    the systems I've encountered at least (and I port code on unix
>    platforms for a living ;)
>2) why do you cat piped to grep instead of just grep $1 file?
>	Ray

And the answer is...
I should have had a better understanding of GREP. Basically I know C pretty
well, and am doing a lot with my Mud development. Unfortuantly I'm new to
Unix, and SHOULD have looked at what grep was capable of, before writing
that. My understanding of GREP was very limited.

I'm CC:ing this to the list just to say Sorry - I generally investigate
things fairly in depth, and in this case, was wrong.
( DOES work you know... :^p)

My apologies.
- Brian

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