a newbies thoughts...

From: Chris (zero@baker.cnw.com)
Date: 11/17/95

	Although i rarely ever post to this mailing list, it has been a 
great well of information to me.  Personally, i would hate that the group 
would split, because all the newbies would be standing around not knowing 
what to do and i find alot of things posted by you "elite" (:P) very useful.
I am also a newbie coder, implementor etc..I taught myself enough unix to 
get bye pretty easily and can teach myself some stuff about coding, 
eventhough if takes me ten attempts at the same if statement to realize 
where the "{" should be, i can suit my own needs for now.  Well, i guess 
im just commenting on behalf of the newbies, we all aren't stupid and the 
ones that post stupid questions deserve the same respect as those of you 
supposedly are "C gods".  If you don't liek the mail in your box you 
don't have to read it. Even I can delete messages.

Thanks for listening...  

Chris Crooker  |  aspiring:   |             *COOL QUOTES*
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