Re: Event Driven Server

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 11/17/95

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995 wrote:

> I know a lot of people like me dont want to buy a 40 dollar book and have 
> it be useless or ment for pascal programers (grrr personal experiance)

	Speaking of books, I had (and lost , unfortunately, will be 
picking up another copy shortly :) one EXCELLENT book on C, called (if I 
remember correctly) the Waite Group's Programming C with Turbo C++ , by 
Robert Lafore.  There are two versions, one thicker than the other (the 
thicker one comes with a disk, too).  Of course, while it is in 
particular useful for Borland's Turbo C++, it is a great C reference in 
general if you're still learning C.  This isn't a particularly advanced 
book; if you're looking for something advanced, I've had one recommended 
to me called Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, by W. Richard 
Stevens, although I can't say anything about it personally.
	The latter book I got for about $70 canadian, the former I got 
for $30 second hand.. I expect it would be $45-60 new (canadian).

	Graham Gilmore

> > CircleMUDs, not how to program in C.  NOTHING being done in CircleMUD,
> > other than the socket routines, take any experience to figure out.

	Heehee, now if someone could explain these to me, I'd be set.. :)

	(btw, PLEASE snip out any non-relevant quoted text.. a lot of 
that had NOTHING to do with your message. :)


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