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From: E.I. (gast@SunUe.mch.sni.de)
Date: 11/17/95

	For people starting to learn C programming with some 
background I find the classical book of D. Ritchie  and B. Kernighan
the best one, perhaps it is written in old style, that is in a time
when programming books looked like medicament receipts, no tables no
graphics; but the book is not only the book of the C language
but also as the authors are developpers of Unix system, a Unix
book as most of the examples are taken from the system like the
grep command the wc command etc etc. I never used other books, but
my brother tried some books from O'Reily (is the name correct?) 
pictures, lots of examples, tables flow charts, the K&R of mine has
228 pages ('83 publication) the one I mentionned had over 600 pages,
well my brother dropped it and went through the books of Turbo C
	I do not know but I think it depends on the person, some draw
flowcharts before coding, some go directly coding no plan nothing, so
I say K&R.

	Have a nice day.
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