From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 11/22/95

Ok i got mobprog but right now it seems fairly useless mabey i am jsut 
not htinking.  But i have 2 things i really wanna use it for and i dont 
see HOW to do it.

1: I have  doorman i want him to open the door when someone walks into 
the room and close it when someone walks out
I can get him to open it but prog_act doest recognize the leaves east so 
i cant use that.  The otehr thing i could ahve him do is open the door, 
wait 10 seconds, and close it.  But there is no mobprog wait command 
2: I wanna use it to map out paths of woundering mobs.  But i cant do 
that becoiuse of the fact that if i map out a path and have the mob 
follow it it just ZIPS along at astounding rates.  I REALLY need a wait 
command in mobprog.  And i am still learning to code.  Any ideas?

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