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Date: 11/23/95

Re to all:

>> Personally I like the imaginary part of muds, no graphics. That's
>> what makes it so interesting and a lot of fun. I hope muds never
>> get graphical.

> Well, but wouldn't it be nice to send and create maps not in ASCII
> format, but as a gif file ? This wouldn't be harder to make than an
> ASCII map.

> And imagine the advantage to display SIGNS whenever the player
> enters a room, no 'read sign' needed then, just as in real life,
> read it by walking along.

> Well if you sell the Client you 'could make profit', noone could
> stop you, but you can not charge money for letting people play.
> However I don't plan anything like that.

> Cat.

Well I have been toying with the idea of a graphical mud for some time.
I have just recently begun to build a client package for this purpose. 
The reason i like muds so much it the player interaction but I still
like graphics.  Anyway for my implementation of a graphical mud should 
run pretty fast as all world/mob/obj  pictures/sounds would be downloaded
with the client package.  The graphics/sounds would be updated on a 
monthly basis or as needed for new areas/objs.  The mud that the client
supports would only send player text (shouts/auctions/gossips/emotes etc).
The rest of the information would be draw from the players disk and the
mud server would only have to send the corresponding numeric information 
which the client would interpret.  For those who do not wish to run the 
client package the mud would run as normal.
	If anyone would like to talk further about this I can be reached
at or  I don't want to 
spam the list any more than necessary :).  Also if anyone would like to
work with me on this please email me.

I would like to ask for anyone interested in seeing a future graphical
mud, what version would you like to see first a dos or windows based version?

Last note:  the OLC system by Samedi has been working at Cities for about 
            3 weeks.  We have only run into a few small problems with 
            editing mobs -- but have had no problem with creating new mobs,
            objects, or areas.  It has been tested in limited fashion but 
            is going into widespread use VERY soon.  The OLC package took
            under an hour to install on 2 muds that I know of even taking 
            time to add specific flags for each mud.  

My hats off to Samedi for creating a good package and for not being to
PROUD to share it with others.

Imp of Cities of Glory 4000

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