Re: iedit/redit -- Makefile also ;)

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/23/95

                                                      ...everytime i add a new
   > flag like the redit_? iedit_? flags, I'll have to recompile the entire mud.
   > not too good for the lag :). So what I did was move all the IEDIT_?
   > REDIT_? definitions from structs.h to the olc.h file, deleting the stock 
   > circle defines. I added include "olc.h" to the iedit.c, redit.c, olc.c, and 
   > modify.c also modified the Makefile to include olc.h in those files. Now if 
   > I deside to make zedit or medit, when I add in the new flags, I won't 
   > have to recompile the hole mud, just those 4 files. 

       Darkangel, if you didnt know, you don't have to edit files, rm *.o, then
   recompile the entire mud.  The makefile is written so that you leave all 
   the .o files as is and it will update the appropriate files and make a new
   binary file.  I used to do as you are saying which of course took me forever,
   caused lag on my system, and subsequently pissed off others on my server...

I get the impression that he is aware of this.  From his message I gather that
he had been adding new flags in structs.h, any change to which forces the
entire mud to be recompiled.  So, I'd say that moving things to olc.h was a
good idea.

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