Re: Zone limits

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/23/95

   There is a big comment saying not to change the variables as it will
   ruin the player file. It also defines a lot of extra variables that
   coders can use to add new player information to the player file)
   If the only problem is that it will change the size of the structure
   saved to the player file then I would like to just delete my player file
   , change room_num to a signed int, and then recompile. (I can nuke
   my player file because I am just running Circle on my own personal
   computer. No player base to worry about) Would this work?

Sure, go ahead.  I also am still in development and have no players (no world
for that matter, either).  I've changed structs.h severely and deleted the
player file plenty of times.  One thing to keep in mind, though, for certain
things you add (or remove) you'll have to modify other files, like db.c and
utils.h.  Make sure to grep for all occurrences of what yer changin.

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