OLC Mob save fix

From: Sammy (samedi@clark.net)
Date: 11/25/95

On a few muds saving mobs will crash the mud.  I think the following fix 
should clear that up.

In act.build.c, function save_mob, change the line:

  mob_proto[i].player.description = str_dup(MOB_NEW(ch)->player.description)


  mob_proto[i].player.description = 
    str_dup(MOB_NEW(ch)->player.description ? MOB_NEW(ch)->player.description
    : "");

In order to cut down on some of the unnecessary posts to this list I'm 
starting a bug/announcement mailing list for the OLC stuff.  It'll be 
one-way, so I can let the users of the OLC know of changes without 
bugging those of you who have better things to read ;)

Send me mail (don't reply to the list) requesting to be put on the my list.

p.s. Thanks to the people with the ^M help.  String's are my achilles 
     heel :)

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