Re: Oh man is this a bad one...

From: Hades (
Date: 05/09/96

> > stats. It doesnt seem to be getting free'd. That's my main problem.
>      Your main problem is that you aren't understanding what Jeremy and I 
> just said in previous messages.  I find it pointless to try to continue 
> to explain this because I do not know how to say it in simpler terms than 
> Jeremy outlined for you.  Read some books on the subject and take some 
> time to think about it.  In the mean time, don't worry about it because 
> it doesn't matter.  Just assume that it's freed, because for your 
> purposes it is.  The fact that the mob stats are still in memory is 
> irrelevant.  Keep in mind that this is not suprising behavior to those of 
> us that know what's going on.
> --
> Michael Buselli

Sorry folks for all the spam about this... it was real early in the morning
when I was reading these and made the reply to my first message, hence
nothing was getting through my head.

I just put a continue; after the extract_char statement and all should be
working well. I USUALLY know what I am talking about. :)

Sorry again. :)

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