Moderating (was: not giving a shit)

From: Con (
Date: 05/11/96

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Brian Pape wrote:

> So, I pose a new question- although clueless newbies asking irrelevant
> questions can be annoying, they are harmless...  How do we go about
> removing people who are not only clueless, but completely stupid?
> Taran.

I think we should find someone who's willing to moderate this list, and 
who gets the power to controll the mailing-list 'files', so we can work 
arround useless crap like all this.
I agree that newbie questions are harmless, and after all we were newbies 
ourselves once (I know I never was though :P ), but this spamming of my 
mailbox with hatemail directed to other people than myself is REALLY 
PISSING ME OFF! (excuse my language). I'm tired of scanning through 
awesome amounts of mail, to realize that half of it is useless junk with 
people flaming eachother. I know a solution would be to unsubscribe to 
the list, but that wouldn't enable me to help the few people i enjoy 
helping once in a while. I have to say though, that if the list isn't 
controlled somehow I'll for one get off it, no reason to pester myself 
with this.

Just my 1 cent, which might've become 2 when I'm flamed for this :)

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