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Date: 07/03/96

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Subject: Hunt & Other Code
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I've only been monitoring this list for a week and a half now, so if 
 this message is premature please let me know.

I am seeking the mob hunting code that I've been seeing discussed in the
past couple threads. I've not seen it in the Code Snippets area on the homepage
and have not been able to locate it at other locations that I'm aware 
 of. I also
remember seeing an example of how to add a class, I believe the example
was a Knight class. I somehow lost where that example was, so if you know what
I'm talking about, please re-direct me to it.

If there are any other code snippets or spells that you think I'd be 
 interested in, 
please feel free to forward them to me. I am seeking to make a very realistic 
AD&D type MUD, so the mob hunting is something I definitely want to look at. 
Another goal is to as completely as possible create the AD&D spellbase so
if you have any input here, let me know.

Also, I'm interested in giving the REAL skills to the mobs that are 
 THIEF etc. Like
enabling an assassin who a ch attacks to flee; track ch; backstab ch; 
 etc. Basically
I want the mobs doing all the things I've been doing on muds for the 
 past 4 or so years. So if I have an aggr mob that has a, say, 
 "advanc_thief" special procedure
he would backstab as his first attack. Also, it'd be pretty cool to have a mob
party where the fighter would rescue the thief and the whole party would attack
the PC party. Especially if they attack different characters in the PC party.

If you think you have any code that would help me out, or if you know of a mud
where this has been implemented (so that I can see it in action) it'd 
 be much appreciated. If not, I'll attempt to program it and make it 
 available here.

BTW I am doing this on a pentium running nt 3.51 using Visual C++ 4.0. So 
if you have any questions or problems in that arena, feel free to ask me.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew McDonald					Programmer/Analyst
Andrew_McDonald@MC.XEROX.COM		Xerox USCO HQ
alternate: awm5440@rit.edu				Rochester Inst. of Tech.

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