Re: QUESTION: More versatile exits?

From: Alex (
Date: 07/04/96

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Barid Bel Medar wrote:
> Doors might have to be a special object, which you'd point to in the 
> first line as a vnum, or put in -1 if it didn't exist.  In other words, 
> create an object (give it a num of 1234) which you consider your door.  
> It has all the regular keywords of an object, descriptions, and so on.  
> Then, instead of indicating that this exit has a door, you give the 
> number of the object.
Of course, this would be following the MUSH implementation that I'd
suggested, whereas, the small db description I gave could have been
put directly into the world file (in theory at least).

> So, as an example, this might be our new door: (note that the door's 
> status would be contained as a flag in the object, not the exit)
> 1234		<-- it might be better to show that this is a door as:
D1234		<-- this would tell the server that the number following
		    is a door object or whatever...

> Looking in this direction you see blah.
> ~
> east~
> 1 -1 4321	<- I don't know about this...  it should be scrapped...
I don't agree with that so much... however, if the MUSH implementation
is used, this line should be moved into the object itself (to the obj
values I'd guess)... in this case, scrap the whole line in the .wld
file. (=

> > The keywords would then be used to interact with the door in a manner
> > similar to mushes... for example 'go door.east' or something would
> > send you through the east door as compared to the west one or whatever...
> In my continuing efforts to promote English as a viable spoken (and 
> written) language, try "go east" or just "east" (assuming the door's
> open and there's no others around).  The existence of a door should be 
> irrelevant if it's open.
I agree completely with that, just sometimes with computers it is easier
to implement the '.' between names theory rather than multiple names on
a line... for example, if you put this in for doors, you can just take the
code over to the user interface with descriptions, objects, mobiles...
for example how about this:
goto black.dragon
get green.stone

The reason I suggest the zork-eqsue 'go' interface is that otherwise,
the server will have to have a *lot* of commands for exits... what if
you have an exit going 'that-a-way'?  What may need to be done here
is to have a parser somehow running that takes the door names and turns
them into commands or something... but then if you get a stupid builder,
he/she/it may put in keywords that are already reserved commands... and
that could be bad.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

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