Re: Opening screen on Circle + another ANSI question

From: Andrew P Carter (
Date: 07/04/96

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, DiscoverE Camp wrote:
> Hi. This probably seems like a really silly question, but
> how do you edit the "Your mud name here"?  I have been
> unable to locate the file so that I can modify the name of the
> mud...

     It's in config.c, around line 200.  If you ever are unsure where 
something is, you should use the grep command (that's assuming you're 
using unix:P).  Choose a text string that's in the thing you're looking
for (try to get one that probably wouldn't occur much, like Staerfeldt:))
and type 'grep Staerfeldt *.c *.h' in the /src directory.  In the case of
Circle, a lot of things in the game are also stored in /lib/misc, so you 
should try there too.

     As a side note, I was wondering if anyone had a simple way to prompt 
players on whether they wanted ansi or not before they login (before the 
opening screen even).  That way you could put in an ansi opening screen,
character creations menus, etc.  Yeah, it seems pretty easy, but I hate
messing around with any stuff around the socket code, and besides I'm lazy.
So if anyone has done it and could lend me their interpreter.c to look
at (or tell me how it's done) I'd be much obliged :P

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