Re: Directions for Adding Levels - Big Spam!

From: Mike 'Doc' Levine (
Date: 07/06/96

Daniel W. Burke wrote:

> > Mike wrote:
> > >
> > The instructions that I posted were clearly for Circle 3 pl 11. If you go into
> > spell_parser.c you will find the following comments:
> >
> Look in magic.c about line 64, and at mag_savingthrow() and you'll see
> that there still IS level and class dependant arrays not in class.c
> Brazil

Absolutely right Daniel! magic.c does contain the structure that defines saving throws
for the first 40 levels (hehe Jeremy was thinking ahead!). I only tested the document
instructions up to level 39.

save = saving_throws[(int) GET_CLASS(ch)][type][(int) GET_LEVEL(ch)];
                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
It's extremely important to change the saving throws data in magic.c if you change the
number of classes *or* levels.

Great catch! That's going in immediately too. 

Thank-you for the proof-reading :-)


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