Re: Directions for Adding Levels - Big Spam!

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 07/06/96

> How do you get your level 34 (in stock Circle pl 11) implementor (in
> player-file) to level 50 after you have changed the level structure
> in your mud. If there are no players then it's the first person
> that logs on. But if you have tonnes of players and suddendly change
> the level structures your Implementor character stays at level 34.

Go into act.wizard.c and edit do_advance
In it is code that wont let you advance yourself above your own level.
Comment that out for a second.

That would be the:
  if (newlevel > GET_LEVEL(ch)) {
    send_to_char("Yeah, right.\r\n");
Secondly in interpreter.c change the line for what level you must be to 
use the advance command from
  LVL_IMPL to 0 or 34 perhaps

recompile and enter game, advance yourself to any level at all.

Shutdown and uncomment out that bit in act.wizard.c and change the 
advance command back to LVL_IMPL

recompile and go back, Voila!

> I'd really like to know how you do it!

> Besides, if you've changed the level structure you might also change
> the experience points that each level gets. In an extreme example
> (for illustration only): Level 10 requires 10000000 - and there are
> five level 10's in the old sturcture who have 15000000 exps. You
> change the level structure so that level 10 now requires 18000000
> exps. The five level 10 players get demoted....go figure.

I dont change the current values, just add on to the end for the new levels.

I kindof consider changing the exp values for existing levels to be a 
seperate issue. Adding levels, means, to me, adding the levels, spells, 
titles etc.. table values, whatnot

But adding, not rearranging

Once you start mucking with the existing levels, you open up a can of 
worms IMHO

You must edit all the players levels, means hours of designing what 
everyone gets at every level, prolly does mean a pwipe, pisses players off

Then worse yet, you get to edit every single mob in the game, to adjust 
the exp awarded to match, or your game is non completely unbalanced as 
far as leveling goes.

I tried it once, but its a complete mess, and means mucking with a system 
that works as is.

Can be done, but means long weeks of debugging to see that people arent 
leveling too fast, too slow etc.

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