MultiClass -Quad-

From: Wu Tang Clan (wutang@CIM.MsState.Edu)
Date: 07/10/96

Has anyone tried to add Quad MultiClass to there mud?

	I am trying to created MultiClasses by
		Changing GET_LEVEL(ch) ((ch)->player.level) to
			 GET_LEVEL(ch,i) ((ch)->player.level[(i)])

	and in the structs.h file in the char_data struct
		Changing level; to

I know there will have to be alot of changes made throughout the code for
GET_LEVEL, so i am trying to compile one file at a time.

But, the first file i tried to compile, which was comm.c, gave numerous
errors, that i couldn't seem to pinpoint the source of the error.

Such as comm.c:1663: macro `GET_LEVEL' used with just one arg, but i can
find where it is calling that macro from...

If anyone has tried this, or know how to complete this task please reply
to this mesg.

Thanks In Advance

	WuTang AKA Shame

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