Re: COmmand Interpreters

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/11/96

On Wed, 10 Jul 1996, Brian Christopher Guilbault wrote:

> > code and how it performs.  I suggest rewriting the whole command 
> > interpreter if you already haven't.  The way it has been defaultly setup 
> > in circlemud code is very un-workable.
> This is not the first time I've heard of people completely rewriting 
> their command interpreters. I am just curious as to what you do 
> differently. I am not asking people to post code, I am just curious as to 
> what additions/deletions you made or what sort of restructuring you did. 
> It seems that many of you aout there have done it.

This is not a comment on people who wish to change the command 
interpreter, just my 2 cents... I find the interpreter pretty well 
written and easy to add to/modify...  I added my event system using the 
stuff already in place... the SUBCMD's with extremely little extra code 
involved beyond the basic event engine itself...


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