Re: Compiling Under MSVC++ 1.0

From: Argus (
Date: 07/15/96

> It will be a few weeks before I can get MSVC++ Version 4.0 to compile
> the code under Windows 95/NT but in the mean time I'm trying to build
> under Version 1.0.  It doesn't compile because it doesn't support the
> long file names.
> How much of an effort would it take to rename all the files and
> references so they are all in the 8.3 naming system so it will
> compile...*and* if I do rename them all, *will it compile at all*?

actually you don't have to rename all the references in any of the 
files.. only in Makefile (just renames the files the rename the refs 
and you should be good to go) (that is if you haven't added anything 
odd that looks for a directory name that is long, I think all te 
directory names were kept short for OS/2 and multi-platform users)

P.S. I haven't tried this myself, just a footnote 
telnet: 7777

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