Compiling Under MSVC++ 1.0

From: Helleth (
Date: 07/15/96

It will be a few weeks before I can get MSVC++ Version 4.0 to compile
the code under Windows 95/NT but in the mean time I'm trying to build
under Version 1.0.  It doesn't compile because it doesn't support the
long file names.

How much of an effort would it take to rename all the files and
references so they are all in the 8.3 naming system so it will
compile...*and* if I do rename them all, *will it compile at all*?

Has anyone tried it?  Please give me some advice...and for all of you
who will say get UNIX, don't bother, I'll stick with NT thanks ;P

    Michael Prior:
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           PriorNet Pty. Ltd
           Sydney, Australia

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:P Well whomever this was who write the original message I couldn't reply to 
:P him.  I apologize for spamming the whole list, but here it is anyways.

yeah, my server is screwy like that ;P
(you gotta manually change the .scarolina to .sc in the reply-to
address - i've complained about it to our sysop, but nothing has been
done so far)

:P Not quitre sure about the way you are doing it, however, this is how I 
:P would do it.
:P Grep for the code for ticks.  Everytime it updates a tick, put a search 
:P in to check ALL the players currently in the game and if the player is 
:P CLASS_DEMON (or whatever) and alignment is more than X then raw_kill.

well, since i intentionally have a low player cap, i guess that
wouldn't be much of a problem.  only, now i've got a new problem :O
do_kill seems to suddenly have stopped working :(
all i did was the check to kill good demons, and the do_kill function
no longer works... *sigh*  now i have to check every call of kill in
every file in the mud :( 
(i guess the interpreter is probably the best place to start)


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