Re: Old Solutions

From: Ryan A.J. Biggs (
Date: 07/15/96

>    The code that allows you to multiple thing as one with a number beside it
>    For example:
>       The beastly fido is mucking ..
>       The beastly fido is mucking ..
>       The beastly fido is mucking ..
>    Instead you  see
>       [3] The beastly fido is mucking ..

I know there is a version of this for items, but I never saw one for mobs 
(and if there is one, PLEASE send me a copy)

> Next does anyone have the code that combines junk and drop, which allows 
> newbie eq to be instantly junk when it is dropped...

If you know what you are doing, just make a newbie item flag 
(ITEM_NEWBIE) and then in act.obj.c (or whatever it's called in patch 11) 
modify the function that places items on the ground so that they vanish 
if they have that flag.  I like that idea, and I will probably write a 
bit of code for it, so if you can wait, I will post it.

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