Re: Armor Spells

From: steadman (
Date: 07/16/96

At 06:27 PM 7/16/96 -0400, Alex wrote:
>On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Brian Menges wrote:
>>    I have a few different types of armor spells: The standard 'armor' and two
>> new ones: 'barkskin' and 'stoneskin'.  Each one is slightly more powerful
>> the previous version.  The problem I am having is that a player can just cast
>> each one on himself or herself to get a very good AC Apply.  What would
be the
>> best way to make it so that it would only allow one of these spells to be in
>> affect at any one time?  I would also like to make it so if a more powerful
>> version is cast on the player it would replace the current spell.
>One idea might be to have a check at the beginning of each spell (in the
>spell procedure itself), so that when it is cast, if a spell of lesser
>effect is on, it replaces that spell, adding the difference in armour
>applies to it... if one of greater is on, the spell fizzles.
>Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.
Or you could do it kinda like this.  Ok each spell gives you an 'armor'
flag, each with a color coding; normal is black bark is brown stone is grey.
When you cast something higher it just goes right over the old 'armor' flag.
Put a symple little if check so that you can't put a black over brown.  If
you didn't want that color codeing still what you could do is put it in the
same slot so they would right each other over... hmmm well maby not.  I
guess you could put a little 1 2 or 3 by the affect for those color blind
people.  Just a thought.

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