Re: 2 things...

From: steadman (
Date: 07/16/96

At 06:24 PM 7/16/96 -0400, Melen wrote:
>1) I would like ALL objects to deteriorate, like corpses do. I mean, I 
>hate seeing an object in a room 3 hours after the person dropped it and 
>left the game. It's annoying. I'd like the object to crumble after a 
>period of time (except like the donation rooms) without having to flag them.

Have the magical janitor goto any item that have been on the ground for
say... 15 ticks.  Put a tick counter for ever tick on the object.  The
magical janitor could then be ordered not to go in rooms that have
FLAG_DONATION or whatever determines your donation pits.
Easy enough?

>2) I'm getting this odd error. Here it is:
>Tue Jul 16 03:22:57 :: Received SIGHUP, SIGINT, or SIGTERM.  Shutting down...
>That would tell me that someone is doing a kill to kill the process. But 
>seeings as I'm root, I know there no special programs running that kill 
>processes and EVERYONE on the system shows as idle for hours. Any idea 
>what would make the MUD think it's being killed?

Maby just log whatever is doing it or right a bypass to not shut down when
receiving sighup, sigint, or sigterm and logging that.

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