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Date: 07/16/96

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>   I have a few different types of armor spells: The standard 'armor' and two
>new ones: 'barkskin' and 'stoneskin'.  Each one is slightly more powerful than
>the previous version.  The problem I am having is that a player can just cast
>each one on himself or herself to get a very good AC Apply.  What would be the
>best way to make it so that it would only allow one of these spells to be in
>affect at any one time?  I would also like to make it so if a more powerful
>version is cast on the player it would replace the current spell.
in the code for each spell, add a check to see if the player is affected by any
certain spell affects, if so remove them.

I have the same thing with different invis spells, if a char is affected by
a lesser
, or greater, invis spell, it calls the function appear() and then
something like that, can't remember off the top of my head. 


grep -n BIT *.c, or try REMVOE_BIT (i think) and you should find similiar
code to
what you need.

Hope this helps;


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