Re: docs

From: David E. Berthiaume Jr. (
Date: 07/18/96

%% given how many times people come along asking about adding levels,
%% races, etc.  i have to ask if anybody has put together docs for any of
%% this?
%% if not, i would be willing to do so (this weekend, not today ;)
%% with guidelines for adding levels, races, new classes, new skills and
%% new spells, but that's about all i could do - i'm still a fairly
%% newbie coder myself (heh... the blind leading the blind :)   but i've
%% got all those things figured out and working on my mud, so i believe i
%% can safely do docs for them. 
I was planning on releasing a race.doc for circle 3.00 pl 11, which would
inlclude code snippets and other such stuff. and was gonna throw on my now
non-existant home page which will soon raise from extinction :)

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