From: Max (
Date: 07/23/96

> >         Playing with oasisOLC, I've found it a little buggy. Anyone
> > have a working version of Obuild or Oasis that they could share their
> > modifications?
> > 
> Can you list some of the bugs you've found?  I've been modifing oasis, 
> but only to add features of new object fields that I've added.  I'm new 
> to mud programming, so I want to see if I might be making some of these 
> bugs worse!  I haven't found any bugs, but I haven't used the olc much 
> either.
the buggiest is oasisOLC medit.. mud crashes when u create new mob 
and answer yes to save confirmation. no reports why aint logged to 
secondary is sometimes he cant create new zone, like first, mud 
crashes, no logs...
third is that somehow(maybe then when other immortal saves room info 
for other zone) oasisOLC CREATES exits! always they point to room 0, 
into void.


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