Re: mobproc IF/ELSE Depth

From: Eric L. Helvey (
Date: 07/24/96

Yes... We found that problem also...  we fixed it with probably the same 
fix that you added and it has worked flawlessly... until we added an
mpdelay...  the mpdelay is designed to add a stagger time between triggers
and mob actions, and between the actions themselves...  the only problem
we're having now is that after a delay, the if/else/endif loops are out of
balance and don't finish execution properly.  We're working on that, but
everything seems nice...


On Wed, 24 Jul 1996 wrote:

> Hi,
> i was compiling in mobproc into circle 3.0pl11 and found out that
> it gave serious problems with nested if/else/endif statement...
> i'm running the mud on Linux 2.0.7/gcc 2.7.2 don't know if that had
> anything to do with it but alas... if you have the same problems
> and want to try my new mprog_process_if(), it will check nested
> if's till the depth of 128 (int, but easily extendable for the real freaks)
> the code compiles clean on my machine but i give no guaranty that is is stable
> or funcional on you machine.
> Greeting 
> Jascha Hoogenraad (
> P.S. I would like to thank everyone who worked on the Cirlce Code or 
> who contributed code/areas etc etc... Good job!!! 
> -- 
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