CODE: Several things to imp

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 07/24/96

Hiya there...

I found some code and was wondering if anyone had implemented this things 
or was willing to port them (they are for MERC muds..:)

1.-Multiple Buy, so you can 'buy 5 bread' and not having to buy one five 
times (so much for realism). This may extend to sell, I don't know if you 
can sell several things right now.

2.-Hot Reboot: From the 'README' text:

Here is a version of the "hot reboot" command that logs in the players after
the reboot is finished. It was inspired by the discussion about how MUD++ did
this, but it does not base itself on MUD++'s code.

Basically, for each playing descriptor, it saves the descriptor number,
the player's original name as well as the host name (so we don't have to find
that again).

Then, it closes fpReserve, and exec's the MUD again. As exec preserves
open file descriptors, players do not lose link. The MUD is executed with
some extra parameters, so the new copy knows that it should reload some
player files. It does that, and puts in the players at their old places.

This looks as a very good idea, rebooting without users logging out 
(maybe to test some recently imp'ed small snippet of code or a new 
mobprog/special proc)

3.-I found a dual wield in which you specify in which hand you want to 
wield, but I was wondering if anyone had already implemented dual wield 
by way of holding, that is, if you hold a weapon you can use it as a 
secondary weapon, if it is a piercing weapon you use it for backstabbing 
no matter what ou have in the wielding hand (unless that is a piercer 
too) and I was looking forward on creating a skill, by which you would 
make double hits every round.

Thw way I had devised this was to make it so if you were wielding a 
weapon and holding a weapon, without any special training you would first 
hit with your wielded and if missed (or below some value) you would use 
your held weapon (in the same round of violence) but you would never hit 
with both weapons in the same round unless:

Were you trained in a multiattack skill, this way you would hit with both 
weapons in the same round, making damage with both, the damage of the 
held weapon should have a minus modifier of some sort, since using a 
weapon in your left hand if you're right handed implies that you are not 
as agile as if you were wielding it in the right hand.

Were you trained in parry or dodging, if you missed with your weapon you 
would have a probability of parrying and/or dodging the attack of your 
opponent, but you wouldn't be able of parying/dodging with the same 
weapon in the same round of violence.

Has anyone implemented this?

4.-I also found the code for a socials editor, has anyone made this... 
sometimes it is better to implement socials online since they are minor 
changes (maybe... socedit?..:)

5.-The taxidermist I had found earlier and written about, it is a 
spec_proc which makes a mob into a taxidermist who can convert corpses 
into named bags, that is, you can carry around a 'bag of fido skin' or 
maybe a 'bag of dracolich skin', what if you took a 'minotaur hide' from 
a 'bag of minotaur skin', yeech..:) Is anyone interested in porting this 
to circle? I'd change it so if you made the bag from an extremely evil 
aligned mob it'd be only wearable by evil aligned PCs (or viceversa, if 
anyone can convince me, I just want to make some limitations and keep 
something from the mob in its bag..:)

Thanks in advance


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