mobproc IF/ELSE Depth

From: jascha (
Date: 07/24/96


i was compiling in mobproc into circle 3.0pl11 and found out that
it gave serious problems with nested if/else/endif statement...

i'm running the mud on Linux 2.0.7/gcc 2.7.2 don't know if that had
anything to do with it but alas... if you have the same problems
and want to try my new mprog_process_if(), it will check nested
if's till the depth of 128 (int, but easily extendable for the real freaks)

the code compiles clean on my machine but i give no guaranty that is is stable
or funcional on you machine.

Jascha Hoogenraad (

P.S. I would like to thank everyone who worked on the Cirlce Code or 
who contributed code/areas etc etc... Good job!!! 

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just need to track down a few more credits and i will upload it.
should be done sometime today :)

i'm including the and  if anybody has written
any skill or spell docs (haven't checked the web page, but i will a
little bit later), and wants them included, mail 'em to me :)

fixed the memory fault thing - it did have to do with adding more
skills - i didn't include more "!UNUSED!" lines in spell_parser.c :P
seems to be working fine now.

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