Re: [Circle] two quickies

From: Bill Romano (
Date: 07/24/96

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Kevin Wing wrote:

> 1.  I have a class that has both skills and spells.  In class.c, you define
> whether the class has skills or spells, for practice message purposes.  I
> want it to have both, and say the right thing.  Any ideas, if any of that
> made sense?

  My understanding is that the SPELL and SKILL at the bottom of that
  table ONLY controls what it says in the top line of the scroll when
  you type practice...I have Rangers and paladins defined as skill
  and they both have skills and spells no problesm there yet..

> 2.  Has anyone imp'd a system that allows you to see the condition of the
> character that your assisting?  Right now you can see a percentage of the
> mob you're fighting, but I would like it if it also displayed the tank's
> percentage also.  

  I have not, BUT, 4000 has, it shows you the % of
  your tank.  I dont know how willing they would be to share, but that
  mud has ALL the bells and whistles, might give you some ideas, and the
  imps there are very friendly (or were in my day)

Ghost (no affiliation to MB2, just an ex player)

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