Re: Random Room

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/24/96

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Mark McArthey wrote:

> I'm looking to create a room that will randomly load in a different zone
> everytime the mud loads.  Also, when a certain event occurs, this room
> will, once again, be able to move to another location.  Apart from the
> initial problem of finding out how to 'randomly' load a room, I am also
> wondering how I can locate an available position within the mud to place
> this room. 

Well, off the top of my head, I'd say just do it the easy way and imp
enterable objects... not difficult, make an obj type enterable and use
one of the values (value 0) to point to a room number (unconnected) where 
people go to when they "enter <objname>" then just take a look at the
teleport code and use something like that to drop the object off somewhere
randomly on the mud.  Theres several implementations of portal code floating
around, you could probably just modify those to suit your needs for the
enterable object code... I'm pretty sure its the same basic idea.

If you MUST have a real room with actual exits to enter it, you should just
go ahead and make the room and not connect it, then use some algorithm to
find a suitable location (again, teleport would work fine) - once you find
your random room, just check the exits and when you find one that doesnt
exist, make a two-way exit to your unconnected room and from it to the
room you've randomly chosen... that is, if it has any free exit's, else
just ditch it and try for another random room until you find one with an
unused exit direction...


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