[Circle] Potion Components & Brew

From: Linebacker (linebacker@microlink.net)
Date: 07/25/96

Okay, I am starting to draw up a game plan for this addition:
If you all see a better route, or see anything wrong with this
let me know. This is just a rough draft.

I am gonna add a new item type TYPE_COMPONENT

value [0] = spell component number
value [1] = a timer for certain spell components that 'go bad'
value [2] = unused (have any ideas)
value [3] = unused

Value 0 will be an integer from a list similiar to ITEM_WEAPON


1- red powder
2- green powder
3- spider legs
4- hydra blood

(how large of an integer will value[0] support though?)

Then the do_brew function will check for items with these traits
for each specific spell(each spell will need different components)

Another idea I had, is have those with the Brew skill be required
to obtain a 'component container'  of some sort, in which to store
all the compoents they find on their journeys, and then have the
check look there for the components.

Is this the best approach?


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