Re: [Circle] Potion Components & Brew

From: Bill Romano (
Date: 07/25/96

Just an idea on the empty slots for the ITEM_COMPONENT

(keep in mind i am a newbie coder, so i am not sure HOW possible this is)

instead of just the component number, have them list diff attribs of that
1:	regen(1)
2:	fire_resis(1)    (the (1) is the level or str of the component)
3:	heal(1)

then instead of looking for a component # it would check for the 
attrib and str, that way you can use diff combos for the same potion
and maybe have the affect be as stronger if the (#) is higher, 
seems to me if this is codeable that you would then be able to limit
higher level potions by making the really good componets scarce,
but have lower powered versions floating around as teasers...

just my .02$

Ghost Shaidan

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>I want to add a skill similiar to the do_brew that was
>recently posted, but I want to require the players to
>have in their inventory the necessary components.
>ex: A healing potion would require some red powder, some
>spider legs, and some plant leaves. (a rough example)
>A check would be made to see if the char possess the necessary
>ingredients for the particuliar potion, (much the same way the
>mud checks for keys when unlocking doors)

Take a look in magic.c (or is it spells.c where the non-manual spells 
are...I always get them mixed up)  There is a funtion (but it's never 
called from pstock circle) that can search for up to 3 items in a players 
inventoory for use in a spell, and the items will be consumed in the 
spell.  That should help yoou out.  Perhaps you can even call it from the 
       if mag_materials(ch, ITEM_RED_POWDER, ITEM_SPIDER_LEG, 

Here's the mag_materials(ch, item1vnum, item2vnun, 
item3vnum, extractbool, verbosebool)
The first 4 are obvious....if extractbool is true (it and verbose bool 
are ints) then it will remove the items, if verbosebool is true, it will 
tell the player it extracted the irtems.

>There would also be the chance of an explosion as in the do_brew.

Just do the check before you call the do_brew, or in the do_brew, and you 
can get it done.

Ryan A.J. Biggs
Doppleganger, Charon the Boatman and member of Dieties Anonymous
Owner of a 100% organic wibble and Plasma lamp, and rubber chicken
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