RE: [Circle] Potion Components & Brew

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 07/25/96

Okay, I am starting to draw up a game plan for this addition:
If you all see a better route, or see anything wrong with this
let me know. This is just a rough draft.

I am gonna add a new item type TYPE_COMPONENT

value [0] = spell component number
value [1] = a timer for certain spell components that 'go bad'
value [2] = unused (have any ideas)
value [3] = unused

Value 0 will be an integer from a list similiar to ITEM_WEAPON

I was thinking of this from an earlier post and the way I would do is the same way you create a scroll. You need the objs in your inventory (or hand) and when the skill is called you check for all the required items and if they don't have them say something like

	You still need x to make the potion

Or if you want to be tricky with them i like the idea of

	You seem to be missing something... I wonder what? ;)

But i think that would be easier to check for items then creating a new object type. I was thinking of doing something similar (on my own) but would like to hear what you think of this method.

P.S. I am working a Cricle server now and just for the record I have it running for my testing use only and i plan on scrapping at least 90% (ok! at least midgaard) of the stock wld files and creat my own fantasy world. To get some attention out there I plan on floating cities, running rivers, underwater areas (sea Elves!?!) sky you can fall in like mentioned earlier this week. Tons of spells (some imped alot done myself) I haven't seen all the spells in stock but to name a few ideas i have like resurection, hold monster, and a dig spell so you don't need a shovel.

Chris the wanna be Creator
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