[Circle] improve_skill

From: Joel (taliesin@vividnet.com)
Date: 07/26/96

I've put in the improve_skill code.  I've spent hours, and I can't figure
out what to feed it for the skill.  Here's what I've got.

void improve_skill(struct char_data *ch, int skill)
  int percent = GET_SKILL(ch, skill);
  int newpercent;
  char skillbuf[MAX_SRING_LENGTH]

  if (number(1, 500) > GET_WIS(ch) + GET_INT(ch))
  if (percent >= 100 || percent <= 15)
  newpercent = number(1, 5);
  percent += newpercent;
  SET_SKILL(ch, skill, percent);
  if (newpercent >= 4) {
     sprintf(skillbuf, "blah blah etc...%s.", skill);
     send_to_char(skillbuf, ch);

now in act.offensive.c (I believe, or wherever the do_kick is)  I have.

improve_skill(ch, SKILL_KICK);

             Here is the problem..  This is all it will even compile with,
and when it tries to improve the skill the mud crashes.

I've spent tons of time searching through all the code for anything simular,
but kept comeing to dead ends.  I'd appreciate any help.


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