Re: escape code?

From: The Dark One (
Date: 12/06/96

Since you seem to know a bit about Oasic, could you, or any of you kind
souls on the list, give me a hand? :)

Heres what i did to my code:

in the zone file I added in two more arguments:

               /-/---->New arguments
M 0 100 1 100 0 0

I got this ALL set up in db.c, and db.h.

Works fine, loads fine reads fine, you name it, fully functional.

Now, I need to fix zedit.c to work with it.

Okay I add arg4, arg5 menus

went through the code and fixed all the places where arg is mention.

Compiled fine, loaded up and wow loooks like its working.

It displays the info correctly IF i edit the zone with the standard text
editor way. HOWEVER, when I enter numbers in Zedit, it accepts them
but only saves zeros.

What am I missing?
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