Re: [Code] Page_string question

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 12/06/96

Brian Guilbault wrote:
> Hi Guys-
> I'm kinda embarrased to ask such a (dumb?) question, but I can't seem to
> figure this one out. I want to send_to_char a message after a page_string
> is complete. The prombel is that no matter how I try to get around it,
> the message always appears after the first page in the page_string
> buffer. I understand why it happens, but can't figure out how to make
> send_to_char wait until page_string is done. Adding a new CON state seems
> like big time overkill. Any ideas?

Trace page_string and figure out the last statement it executes
before ending the string.  Then, add a hook to your functionality.

I would do something like this:

   page_string_extra(buf, ch, k, fn);   <-- fn is a function.  gets
                            to a member of ch->desc.  if nonzero, it
gets called
                            immediately after the string is finished.
   page_string(buf, ch, k);   <-- 'normal' page_string, equivalent to
                            page_string_extra(buf, ch, k, 0);
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