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From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 12/09/96

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, invincibill wrote:

> has anybody ever thought about writing some code to put a mob inside an
> object?  or has anybody done it yet?  it could provide some neat &
> interesting could actually carry little worlds around
> with you.  once the code to put mobs in objects was written i would
> imagine it would be the next step to put rooms in objects..course, it
> could get complicated.
> anybody wanna work on this with me?  or has somebody already done it?

Maybe you have to look it in some other way...

You don't need to have an object with a mob inside of it, you need an
object that, reacting to some user interaction or command, creates a mob
and gives you a message about it...

For example, you could have a magic lamp, when you use it (or wipe it) the
lamp gives a message about a cloud of smoke and creates a genie, you could
here change the lamp to some other object, maybe to a non-magic lamp.

This is a quick fix for it. For advanced changes, like rooms or worlds
inside objects (for example, a Kandorr vase with a city inside of it) you
could either have to object send you to another zone (acting effectively
as a portal) and you could, for realism, put a flag or something that gave
you special messages when inside the bottled city, like when someone
'looks' at the object or different messages for the weather. etc.


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