Circle Successfully Compiled on New Platform

From: Mike Levine UK(UTC 00:00) (
Date: 12/10/96

*** Resending note of 12/10/96 13:44                                            

CIRCLE 3.0 Patch 11 (stock)                                                     
PLATFORM: UMAX Pulsar (Macintosh Clone)                                         
O/S:      MachTen Power UNIX (v4.0.3) Full BSD Implementation                   
CONFIG:   Dual PowerPC (Motorola 604e) 225MHz Processors,                       
          512MB RAM,                                                            
          4GB HD                                                                

NOTES:  The installation  and compilation  of Circle  3.0 Patch  11 was         
painless. No  additional patches were  required. This may be  the first         
time that Circle on a Macintosh  running BSD UNIX has successfully been         

PERFORMANCE:  Very good.  I  simulated a  stress test  using  a Sun  20         
attempting 10 connections a minute for  over four hours. The MUD didn't         
show signs of slowing down until there were 200 concurrent connections.         
At that point  I began noticing the error rate  for connection attempts         
to the MUD begin (connections refused). It should be noted that the 200         
concurrent MUD  connections where not  'playing' the MUD but  were just         
connected as a user. I would suspect that if the connections where real         
players, that the number of concurrent  users would be less and I would         
see more connection errors sooner - this isn't bad. I don't know of any         
MUDs that have 100+ concurrent connections all of the time.                     

I couldn't test LAG thoroughly  but with 199 concurrent connections and         
myself actually playing the MUD the LAG was nominal.                            

The MUD isn't up yet for general access yet.                                    

As I do more tests I'll keep the list informed.                                 

Mike Levine                                                                     

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