mobs responding to tells

From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 12/15/96

ok.. I need help with this one.. I have thought of every way I could to do
this and am WAY lost... here is the idea...

player enters a room... mob tells the player
"lets chat.. what you want to talk about? dragons? magic? imortals?"

the player types

the mob tells the player

now.. I know it would be a if statment.. but I dont know how to get her to
to tells.. =:( can anyone send me a short example spec_proc...

alos how do I get a spec proc to do the following AS SOON as a player enters
a room?

SAY "welcome to xxxxxxxxx"
give player map.
assign new loadroom to char.

I know how to do the above... but it seems that there is a short wait and I
dont want that... or else players can RUN though the room and not get the
loadroom reassigned... 

or else... if a mob can set the load room to a char depending on witch dir
the exit...

IE: a newbie joins...  and picks one of 4 doors... droping him into a room
but as he exits say... south the mob assigns his LOADROOM to 1199 or
whatever... perhaps this would work better...

any ideas or examples would be a LOT of help...

Thank you...

Cyber Reaper

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