[CODE]displaying skills/spells better

From: pjh (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/15/96

I am thinking that going about listing any additions to skills/spells is a
total pain in the arse considering the addition of multi-ple classes as
well.  Listing them in the HELP file that is.  Like a master list based on
CLASS for skills and spells and when level you get em at.

My request is if anyone has gotten or figgered out a skill_list command
(like skillset's output with no options chosen) of all the skills based on
sorta like PRACs output but so a character can list skills available (and
spells) in any class.

If anyone has anyhelp or ideas i would love that.  My current
do_skill_list is basically snipped from the skillset command
but here it is:

  extern char *spells[];
  int i;
  char help[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

  strcpy(help, "Skill being one of the following:\n\r");
  for (i = 0; *spells[i] != '\n'; i++) {
    if (*spells[i] == '!')
    sprintf(help + strlen(help), "%18s", spells[i]);
    if (i % 4 == 3) {
      strcat(help, "\r\n");
      send_to_char(help, ch);
      *help = '\0';

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