Re: [AD] RE: on puny replys for looking for help.\ (fwd)

From: Mike Prior (
Date: 12/17/96

> >  Ok.. first of all.. whats the point in having a mud.. if you have to
> > everybody do all the work for you..  This directed at raven's replys.
> I know nothing of Raven's replies, but the point of a MUD is to have
> fun doing something totally worthless!  It's a blast!
> >   However, if anybody is interested in wanting to do some code.. i am
> > i can get them a site.. no problem..  I have been expecting my friend and
> > I to get a mini mainframe.. sitting in friend's neighbors backyard.
> Really?  Would that perchance be a DEC PDP-11?  That's a mighty machine!
> >   It has 14 Tera HD and 2 Gigs of RAM ... if interested i can set you up
> > another acct. until i can get the OS installed on the new server.  Ohh..
> > if your worried about band width.. i work for an ISP.. so i can haul it
> > work and route it on a T-1 .. otherwise .. id be forking up the money to
> > a dual ISDN in my office at home.

Ok, the mail seemed ok up to about here, did you take a trip after this? or
some heroin?  Can't say I've ever seen a 13 year old working for an
ISP...hmmm.....get some help....

This is the most worthless piece of shit I've seen so far in the year I've
been here, unsubscribe and go to a newsgroup like alt.druggies. I think
you're the 13 year old here man.

> Ooooh, b1ff...  You're probably like 13 yearz o1d, right d00d?  \//@W!
> That's like ]{e\\/l, d00dz.  I W15h I had like 14T of d1sk.  That'd B
> like kewl.  I 0nLy have like 4GiGz on my dool-PeNtAgRaM system w/64mB
> r4m.  U're da M4cK!  U mUzT run D05 on that MachInE.  0r 3v3n B3773r,
> \\/iNd0z3 '95.
> Mebye when I getz my VirTuAl MachinE up and runnIng and Dr0p da MuD
> c0D3 on 1t, I'll ru|\| on ur mAinFr4M3, d00D!  WhAT kiNd of ConneXion
> you gotz goIn on that 14T dr1ve, anywayz?  Probly 31D3.

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