Re: [kind of off-topic]

From: Neil Hunt (grover@TECHNOLOGIST.COM)
Date: 01/11/98

I personally would add another 4-5Gb hdd, and another 16Mb of RAM, and get rid
of Windoze.  Install Linux (I use Redhat 5.0) if you want to run an
uncomplicated server...


Arnold Santayana wrote:

> hey guys,
> just a kind of technical opinion taking from you all. i was wondering what
> would be
> an idea memory & hard drive space i should have to keep adding and
> compiling new stuff into my mud. thinking of making it with a 10-20 zones
> with 1000 + rooms each zone with mobs and objs to boot. Also I'm tinkering
> with all different kinds of codes. But lately I've been noticing my drive
> space is getting too small and sometimes my machine locks up due to memory
> problems. I'm currently running 24 meg memory and about 1 gig hard drive
> space machine with WIN95 as the base O/S.  I've also got a bunch of other
> stuff on the computer besides the mud.. I was just wondering if this was
> your machine what would you upgrade it to?
> trying to better his machine in hopes to turn it into a server one day,
> arnold
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