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From: Antioch (jeremy@YAKKO.CS.WMICH.EDU)
Date: 01/18/98

I agree wholeheartedly.  Windows 95/98/NT is such a memory hog, it blows
my mind.  What does Microsoft recommend....32 megs of RAM?  Of course,
today RAM is relatively cheap, so it's almost a moot point.  By
comparison,  my machine at home (where i do all my coding, then upload
patches to my MUD's host) is running an old Linux's a 386dx
with a math co-processor and a nice little turbo button that allows it to
emulate 66 mhz.  My 500 meg hard drive is partitioned for Linux and
Windows 3.1 (approx 250 megs a piece).  With 8 megs of RAM I have very
little problems running the full MUD while multitasking a couple of
test players and editing some files.  Occasionally, I run out of RAM or
Hard drive space, but this is a rare event.  Now, imagine how well it
would run if I had a computer with the same specs as yours.

My suggestion:  Buy a hard drive with at least 1-2 gigs of space and about
                16-24 Mb's of RAM (just for fun :-) ).  I would also
                consider getting a copy of Slackware or Redhat Linux and
                partition your huge new hard drive to house both Win95
                and Linux.  Once you get used to working without a GUI,
                you'll wonder what you saw in Windows to begin with. :)


P.S.  Just in case y'all are wondering, I am a CS major at the local
University and a member of the Computer Club, so I have access to many
excellent machines (i.e. Pentium, Sparcs, etc).  So when i just *need*
to mess around on a machine that's *not* from the stone-age it's well
within my grasp. :)

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998, Neil Hunt wrote:

> I personally would add another 4-5Gb hdd, and another 16Mb of RAM, and get rid
> of Windoze.  Install Linux (I use Redhat 5.0) if you want to run an
> uncomplicated server...
> Neil....
> Arnold Santayana wrote:
> > hey guys,
> >
> > just a kind of technical opinion taking from you all. i was wondering what
> > would be an idea memory & hard drive space......

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